How to Claim?

1) Be sure to provide your roblox username during checkout and add the user provided to claim your order

2) For Assistance Or to have a better way of knowing exactly when delivery is taking place be sure to join our Discord server Below!

Discord Server!
  • Instant Delivery

    MM2ShopX has automated revolutionary delivery system that is available 24/7 to deliver items immediately after purchase!

  • Amazing Customer Service

    If you need any help with your order, our support team will be there for you! All replies will be made in under 12h.

  • Safe & Secure

    We are PCI-DSS compliant and your financial information is never stored with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mm2ShopX Legit?

We've earned a reputation for excellence through our commitment to delivering top tier products and unmatched customer service. making a recognized name in the industry

How do i get my items?

After you have purchased, press "claim button" you will be redirected to a page for you to confirm your username. Once confirmed you will be given a private server link to join and our bot will send you a trade once you have joined the queue by simply jumping.

How do i get to the claim page?

1. After placing an order, verify the email or phone number you have provided.

2. Press View your order

3. Scroll down and enter in your Roblox username to begin the claiming process

• If you had provided an incorrect email or username be sure to contact our support team on discord to retrieve your items.

Why won't the bot accept my friend request?

  • Verify that you are logged in using the correct account.

  • Once you've sent a friend request to the bot, revisit your claim page and click on the button labeled "I have sent a friend request."

  • If you accidentally closed your claim page, return to the guidelines provided under "How can I access my claim page?" section. Be sure to check your email

Can this get me banned?

We have a proven track record with thousands of satisfied customers purchase and receiving there items with not a single one reporting getting banned